We have attempted to answer the most common questions about the Foundation at Great Valley. If you still have a question, please go to the Contact page to reach out to us.

What is the Foundation at Great Valley?

The Foundation at Great Valley garners community support and engagement for the Great Valley School District. The Foundation provides supplemental revenue to the Great Valley School District through private philanthropy, pursuant to Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Why do we need a Foundation?

The Foundation at Great Valley funds innovation in our schools beyond what tax dollars can support. We are dedicated to community-wide participation and philanthropy that ensures funding to support Great Valley School District’s mission to inspire and prepare passionate life-long learners. By securing funds, resources, and knowledge from the private sector, The Foundation provides educational, cultural, athletic and wellness initiatives that may not normally be supported by the school district’s budget.

Where does the money go?

Most of the money donated to the Foundation goes to the Great Valley School District in two ways: teacher grants, and district-level initiatives. We award funding according to the following principles:

  1. Foundation Funding will be congruent with our purpose and mission.
  2. We will fund GVSD in piloting innovative programs, including Venture Grants.
  3. We will fund initiatives included in the GVSD Comprehensive Plan
  4. We will fund initiatives that support the needs of GVSD students and their families.

A portion of donated funds help to pay for fundraising costs, such as printing, mailing and advertising.

Can I see the Foundation’s financial reports?

Yes. To access that information, please email us.

Who is on the Board?

As an education foundation, The Foundation at Great Valley is organized and governed by a dedicated group of volunteer community and business leaders, retired corporate executives and educators. Contact information for each Board member is available on this site.

How can I give?

The Foundation welcomes direct donations at any time. In addition to one-time gifts, we also accept pledges paid over time, recurring gifts, payroll deductions, matching gifts, and contributions from the United Way. (See below for additional United Way information.) Please see our “Ways to Donate” page for more information.

Are donations tax-deductible? What is your Federal Tax ID number?

The Foundation at Great Valley is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit charity. All donations are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Our Federal Tax ID number is 26-1408264.

I give a United Way donation through my employer. Can I select The Foundation at Great Valley as the recipient of my donation?

Yes. The Foundation at Great Valley is a United-Way approved non-profit organization. If your employer does not list The Foundation in their employee information packet, you may write-in The Foundation at Great Valley.

Can I earmark my donation for a specific school?

No. Donations to the Foundation are given to the District so that every student can share in the benefits.

How do I benefit from a contribution to The Foundation at Great Valley?

Stronger schools mean a stronger community. If you have a student in Great Valley schools, you know that an education rich in opportunities for a student to be inspired is important. Even if you don’t have a student in your home, you know that strong schools are one of the reasons that many of us live in Great Valley. A stronger school system will help your property retain its value. Well-educated students will serve us all as a society.

How can I get more information?

Please call the Foundation office at (610) 699-1253 or email us! We look forward to hearing from you.