Annual Campaign 2017-2018

Raised: $50,679
Goal: $80,000

*as of as of 12/10/2017 at 9:30 pm

Invest. Innovate. Inspire.

What makes an education great? For each child, the answer is different. Our children have diverse needs, expectations, hopes, and dreams. A great education is one that meets the needs of the individual child, builds real-world connections, and challenges students to explore their interests. A great education inspires students to succeed on whatever road they take.

When you make your private, tax-deductible donation to The Foundation, you invest in a quality education for students in Great Valley. Please join us in support of the Annual Campaign. What makes a great education? We do. Together. Thank you, Great Valley.


Partners in Education


Business Donors

 Wagsworth Manor Pet Resort  Kohlerman Pharmacy, Inc.
 Campli Photography  Rita’s Water Ice
 Jamba Juice
 Tonino’s Pizza
 R Mobile Paper Shredding – Ryan McAnaney
 Target Malvern
 Jeff D’Ambrosio Auto Group

Patrons ($3,000 and above)

Advocates (up to $3,000)

 The Nikas Family
 Dr. Rita Jones
 *Thank you to our 1 anonymous donor.

Mentors (up to $1,500)

 James D’Arcy
 Ken Bigelow
 The Davis Kids
 Verano Family
 Todd and Kim Fredrick
 The Otterbein Family
 The McCusker Family
 The Stagnaro Family
 The Liebesman Family
 The Craig Family
 Alex and Allison Utecht
 The McGarrigle Family
 The Tengwall Family
 Ann Juliano and Matt Borger
 Inaganti Family
 The Bleahen Family
 Carlos & Mattie Rodriguez
 Bill Pikounis & Nicole Sakowitz
 Williams-Koester Family
 The Clewett Family
 *Thank you to our 1 anonymous donor.

Friends (up to $500)

 Jon Waddel
 Twentynine Restaurant & Bar
 Kristin Keating
 Matthew Ceresini
 Scott and Juli Bennett
 The Worley Family
 Bob Wilkey
 Susan Leighton
 Roy and Nancy Kolb
 Noriko & John Lovasz
 Ellen Sinclair
 The Sharma Family
 The Flannery Family
 Rick Mattison
 Cheryl Johnson and Robert Gusciora
 The Cortese Family
 The Hubley Family
 Christine Austin
 Calnek Family
 The Curry Family
 The McKay Family
 Drew and Marjorie Alleva
 Vicki Shinoda
 Stephen and Marina Skoufalos
 The Overk Family
 Russell Burk
 The Gilmartin Family
 Nancy G. Rosoff
 Sally & Dave Bovell
 The Haydar Family
 Kathy and Mark Banavitch
 Cockerham Family
 Chris and Emily Vogt
 Erin and Tom Neely
 Lucy M. Haney
 Chris and Melissa Salerno
 Mr. and Mrs. Neil Stevens Rankin
 Jennifer Hiltebeitel
 Meghan McGarrigle
 The Gilfillans
 Lisa and Brian Ray
 Richard Adler & Madeleine Boyer
 Rhona and Stephan Roker
 Michael & Teresa Lynch & Family
 Vinod K Thangada, MD & Shireesha
 Debbie Wood
 Becker Family
 Marilyn & Brian Rothberg
 In honor of Karen Gill
 Kalianda Family
 The Morris Family
 Haitz Family
 Deb Macaleer
 Risch Family
 The Dill Family
 The Frikke Family
 The Hoffritz family
 Naro Family
 In memory of Alan Swope
 Memory of Kelly Gillespie
 Victoria Morris
 Sue Vestri
 The Austins
 Merriwether Family
 Nancy Bigelow in memory of Rosemary Bigelow
 Bob & Tara Stewart
 C Carrigan
 Garry and Carolyn Shoemaker
 Olafson Family
 Cavalcanto Family
 Jennifer Blake
 The Oakley Family
 Joshua and Theresa Friedman
 Peter and Lisa Harper
 The Mooney Family
 Danielle Kennedy
 Joan & Pete Giombetti
 Rabrindran Family
 The Hauser Family
 Paul and Annie Campbell
 John and Ellen Schadl
 Shane and Patricia McDonald
 Elizabeth Ciarlello
 Ma & Zhou
 The Payne family
 Matt & Jen Schultz
 Bonnie Wu and Kevin Guo
 Littlefield Family
 The Stedman Family
 The Settanni Family
 Robert Johnson
 The Bruderle Family
 The Warlick Family
 The Bowdens
 Patricia A Gillespie
 John and Susan Stickley
 House-Kelly Family
 Kokkengada Family
 The Geibel Family
 Singh Kaur Family
 Jenn & Jeff Foltz
 Eric Burns Family
 Mukesh Agarwal
 Stetson family
 Laura Bigelow
 Manisha Jain
 The Tickner Family
 Amy Fisher
 John and Alev Cieslinksi
 The Scherling Family
 Christina and Harry Hartley
 Cindy Gerson
 The Fuhr/Bassill Family
 Brook Family
 Steven Bigelow
 The O’Toole Family
 Ann & Tom Curran
 Katie McDonald
 Steven Zebuski
 Petaja Family
 The Hinckley Family
 Bipin Baghele & family
 The Pyle Family
 The Warner Family
 Hancock Family
 The Lang Family
 The Marr Family
 The Prevost Family
 The Madden Family
 Sridhar Rabindran
 Terri & John Cashman
 The Singhatat Family
 The Sivakumar Family
 Elizabeth S Keith
 Ken and Elmina Stewart
 David and Marnie Kelly
 Karen Gill
 Donald and Mary Fraatz
*Thank you to our 38 anonymous donors.