Annual Campaign 2019-2020

Raised: $36820.58
Goal: $60000

*as of December 28, 2019

What makes an education great? For each child, the answer is different. Our children have diverse needs, expectations, hopes, and dreams. A great education is one that meets the needs of the individual child, builds real-world connections, and challenges students to explore their interests. A great education inspires students to succeed on whatever road they take.

When you make your private, tax-deductible donation to The Foundation, you invest in a quality education for students in Great Valley. Please join us in support of the Annual Campaign.


What makes a great education? We do. Together. Thank you, Great Valley.


The Foundation at Great Valley created “The Annual Campaign” to provide a way for the community to make tax-deductible, voluntary donations to our great schools on an annual basis, just as you would donate to your local hospital, church or charity. The Foundation’s annual fundraising activities kick-off each school year with the Annual Campaign. Each fall we celebrate our Great Valley schools and ask our community members to donate and help to sustain our tradition of excellence in education.


Where Will My Money Go?

Donor dollars are used to support Venture Grants. These grants are requested by teachers to fund innovative ideas in the classroom for the benefit of students. In the 2019-2020 school year, the Foundation is pleased to fund the following grants, which represent support for all levels: elementary, middle, and high school.


Intermediate Grade Flexible Seating – Elementary School   
Studies have shown that learning environments have a positive impact on student achievement. Flexible seating provides increased engagement by allowing students the opportunity to quickly and easily group to collaborate on various projects.

 Amazing Patriot Race – Middle School 
This 8th grade end-of-year activity is held in partnership with the American Historical Theater and provides students the opportunity to participate in an organized out of classroom experience that brings history to life in Philadelphia. At the end of the 8th grade school year, this hands-on, experiential learning allows students to interact with topics they learned about throughout the year

 Science Flexible Seating – Middle School
Every student is unique and the methods each student uses to access content is also unique to their needs. Research has shown that flexible seating increases student engagement. Giving them the option to stand by providing a high top workstation provides the flexibility to easily collaborate with fellow students on science projects.

 CPR/AED Life Support Training – High School  
This funding allows for the delivery of CPR/AED training to all high school students and staff so that they can properly respond to life threatening emergencies and ultimately improve the chances of patient survival after cardiac arrest. Training the trainers is also a part of this project. Through a partnership with Chester County Emergency Services Department, collaboration between the school and the community is increased.

 STEAM Creation Stations – High School   
“STEAM Creation Stations” provide students with more low-tech and no-tech opportunities to engage, collaborate, connect, inquire, and create with each other, at their own pace, while stimulating social connection, brain breaks, community building, and problem-solving skills.



Business Sponsors



Campli Photpgraphy
Parnes & Hill Phamily Orthodontics
PJ Welihan’s


Cedar Hollow Inn
R-Mobile Paper Shredding
Tonino’s Pizza & Pasta Company
Vintage Development LLC

Family Donors


Scott Hennessy in Honor of Mr. Barry Brazunas



Ken Bigelow
Diane Chi
D’Arcy Family
Rita Jones
Koester Family Foundation
Liebesman Family
Vicki & Jim Malloy
Angie McCusker
Donald Merrill
Alexander Nikas
Bill Pikounis & Nicole Sakowitz
Stephan & Rhona Roker


David Acker
Marjorie Alleva
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Christine Austin
Theresa & Steve Becker
Nancy Bigelow in Memory of Rose Bigelow
Barry Bleahen
Sally & Dave Bovell
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Russell Burk
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