Annual Campaign 2015 – 2016

Raised: $97,813
Goal: $150,000

*as of 10/31/2015 at 12:46pm

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What makes an education great? For each child, the answer is different. Our children have diverse needs, expectations, hopes, and dreams. A great education is one that meets the needs of the individual child, builds real-world connections, and challenges students to explore their interests. A great education inspires students to succeed on whatever road they take.

When you make your private, tax-deductible donation to The Foundation, you invest in a quality education for students in Great Valley. Please join us in support of the Annual Campaign. What makes a great education? We do. Together. Thank you, Great Valley.

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Renehan Building Group (Partner in Education) The Bill McGarrigle Team at RE/MAX Main Line Realtors (Partner in Education)


The Nikas Family The Zatlin Family
The Eisenhardt Family The Malloy Family
The Otterbein Family Brian and Lisa Ray
The Clewetts


IMC Construction The Fredrick Family
The McGarrigle Family The McCusker Family
Dr. Rita S. Jones Michael and Bonnie Citron
Jeff and Michelle Liebesman The Capitano Family
Stephan and Rhona Roker Mike Stagnaro in memory of Jen Stagnaro
The Matthews Family The Gibson Family
Marine (8th grade) and Penelope (5th grade) Houdaille, with donations from the Charlestown Oaks Neighborhood Kecia Lee & Cailey Cammarata
The Rose Bigelow Scholarship The Hoffritz Family
The Gilmartin Family The Curran Family
Bill Pikounis & Nicole Sakowitz Dave Moretzsohn
GVHS Class of 2015 – class gift to The Foundation Ann Juliano and Matt Borger
The Orlowski Family The Koester Family Foundation


Prithvi Parthasarathy – GVMS 6th grader The Horvath Family
The Bleahen Family The Urban Family
The Brook Family The Craig Family
Robert Gusciora and Dr. Cheryl Johnson The Dill Family
Mattie and Carlos Rodriguez Don and Cheryl Merrill
The Hubley Family Jim and Jan D’Arcy
The Biddle Family The Verano Family
The Olafson Family Melanie and Dave Scott in memory of Jean Mateer Gray
The Kapsi Family The Gliksman Family
The Bigelows – ’05, ’08, ’11 The Gamble Family
The Finan family John and Sue Vestri
The Adler Family The Jouin Family
Mathieu and Halaine Lussier The Office Bar & Grille
Dr. Regina Speaker Palubinsky Ashley and Aaron Tang’s family
The McAneney Family The Hinckley Family
The Williams-Koester Family


Bob Wilkey Marilyn and Brian Rothberg – in honor of the students and staff of General Wayne Elementary School
Peter Czeck and Paula Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin Tengwall
The Moore Family The Utecht Family
The German Family Shawn and Mary Beth Flannery
Mr. and Mrs. David T. DeWitt The Worley Family
Vini and Ravi Inaganti Tom and Ann Curran
The Merriwether Family Tom and Sharon Ramick
Lucy Haney Garry and Carolyn Shoemaker
The Banister Family The Field Family in memory of Marcia LaFrance – a beloved teacher who will be greatly missed
The Parnell Family The Kim Family
The Harper Family Debbie Wood
The House-Kelly Family Uma and Sridhar Rabindran
The Stello Family The Mirin Family
The Hauser Family James and Kemi Edwards
Paul and Annie Campbell Jennifer Blake
The Maslowski Family The Geibel Family
The Colahan Family The Gilfillan Family
The Schadl Family Nicole Nemeth
The Zielinski Family The Singhatat Family
The Middleton family The Deitch Family
The Sullivan Family Jim and Kathleen Stetson
The Kiernan Famliy The Bennett’s Quad Squad
Sunil & Truly Jagani The Awasthi Family
Denise and John Miller The Bleecker Family
Mark, Stefanie, Brayden, Taia and Bryce DiPrinzio Dr. Alan and Mrs. Roxanne Lonoconus
Douglas Jenkins


Roland and Anne LaPlante The Rankin Family
The Sha Family The Ren Family
Joanna Rothberg Glushakow Pankaj and Manisha Jain
Victoria and Joseph Morris The Littman-DeTulleo Family
Michael and Teresa Lynch and family Dave and Sally Bovell
The McKeown Family Kristin and Chuck Keating
Nick and Melissa Biondi Rich and Erin DeRafelo
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Skoufalos The McAleer Family
Noriko and John Lovasz Dennis and Georgia Bromley
Christine Austin The Walheim Family in memory of Jen Stagnaro
Theresa and Steve Becker Ms. Katherine Crabb
The Cortese Family Debbie S Tarloski
Tony and Donna Cianci Joy Mossholder – In honor of Robert M. Hlavacek, Jr
The Leighton Family Roy and Nancy Kolb
Larry & Rose Doolittle Bud and Joann Haly
The Keller Family Mr. & Mrs. Allan Stitzer, Jr.
The Hennessy Family The Ramick Family
The Wellener Family Sahasra Nersu (First Grade)
The Graeff Family Christopher Salerno
Meghan McGarrigle The Liu Family
Gary and Susan Vogel The Kevin Guo Family
The Shafers The Defina Family
The Colucci Family The Prevost Family
The Habecker Family Julie Collins
Bipin and Sunita Baghele Family Saravanarajan Venkatachalam
The Ruddy Family The Carrigan Family in memory of Jen Stagnaro
John W. Herr – in memory of Ben Crisi and Bill Marion The Madden Family
Dr. Robin Koslo-Stahl Sridhara and Sireesha Kavuri
Carol Delaney The Pyle Family
The Chae Family The Wisniewski Family
Karen G. Gill Jessica and Eric Resnick and Family
Jen & Matt Schultz Katie Quinn-Kerins
The Gal Family Harmeet Kaur and Jaskirat Singh
The Whitaker Family Jane McDowell in memory of Jack McDowell
The Stewart Family The Kennedy Family in memory of Samuel Nicholas Kennedy
Steve Calnek The Pepperman Family
Deb and Richard Rubin Michael and Patricia Carlini
Pete Ruckelshaus Claire Gabbamonte
Kim and Chip Colvin Jessica Paraschak
Kristin Keating The Giombetti Family
Stephanie Greenberg The Becker Family
The Schwarting Family The Ford Family
Qin Zhou The O’Shea Family
The Downs Family Jerry Cirafisi
Joe and Lisa Boyce The Isberg and Fitzgerald Family
Ted Gemmell The Tredinnick Family
The Coates Family Dr. and Mrs. Ross Podell
AcademyOne The Duran Family
The Pfau Family Neville and Leslie Ranji
The Dwyer Family The Curry Family
Maureen Bittner-Tait The Barron Costello Families
The McCallus Family Karen and Eric Hamilton
The Bruderle Family Rob and Missy Haly
The Beck Family Deb Harding Oberly
The Schlegel Family The Sanguino-Flores Family
The Robert S. Borst Family The Segarnick Family
The McKay Family The Cortese Crew-’12-’15-’17
The Wrabley Family The Long Family
The Cofiell Family Nurse Betty Byrne
Betsy Keith Steve Ross in memory of Jean Ross
The Petaja Family The Nieuwlaats Family
The Prendergast Family The Orlow Family
The Porter Family  The Gunderson Family
The Rodgers Family in memory of Meme Geoga The Banavitch Family
The Eric Burns Family The Harris Family
The Banavitch Family The Frikke Family
Barbara Zupko The Carter Family
The Sivakumar Family The Porreca Family
Mrs. Renee Sellers Brian and Gwynne Walker
Molly Fuhr and Bill Bassill and Family Nancy Bigelow in memory of Rose Bigelow
The Kalianda Family The Hutchinson Family
Stephanie & Brent Wong Raj & Dipali Amin
Harry and Christina Hartley The Tabbut Family
Steve and Susan Costalas Barrow/Chiccino in memory of Sharon A. Chiccino
The Oakley Family
* Thank you to our 48 anonymous donors